I’m gonna take you to Bermuda

My next challenge.  Surviving the Bermuda Triangle.  A 1 mile race Friday (my first ever?), a hilly 10K on Saturday, and a sunny marathon on Sunday.  I haven’t run a marathon in a year so I thought, why not run two extra races in the two days immediately before the marathon?  And I hate running in summer, so I thought why not go south in the dead of winter to run in the hot weather I hate running in?  I admit, I’m a sucker for a race with a catchy name and a beach. 

Title: Beach Boys – Kokomo.  1988.


3 responses to “I’m gonna take you to Bermuda

  1. A. This sounds fantastic.

    B. I hope you run all three races in proper attire like Bermuda shorts. Bermuda Running Shorts. $$$

  2. Never heard of this. Cool! I mean in that “wow you’re pretty awesome if you can do this but wow that does sound pretty gnarly.”

    I like the Bermuda shorts idea.

  3. Now I totally want to find Bermuda running shorts. This may not be easy in Canada in the winter.

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