Set my eyes on a blistering sight of a vicar in tutu

I said I would do it and I did it.  Wearing a tutu, wings, and carrying a wand.  The entire 30K.  I didn’t toss my costume at an unsuspecting volunteer 3K in as I had imagined.  And I did it with almost perfect pacing.  The race was great.  Even in the stifling 100% humidity that was our Midsummer Evening.  I’m so glad I was pacing and not racing.  I gulped about 18 cups of water and various colours of Gatorade at every station and still felt dehydrated.  I am endlessly impressed by the resolve of everyone who all-out raced in that weather.  As evidence that my body will never ever adapt to hot and/or humid weather running, I ran at a take it easy pace and still threw up twice later that evening.  And then I pitifully crawled out of the bathroom leaving Husband to flush the regurgitated remains of my post-race apple, beer, and banana.  That after nearly fainting on the bus ride back to the parking lot.  And complaining the entire car ride home.  I am a gem of a wife.  All this due to heat illness.  Or water poisoning.  The google symptoms are surprisingly similar.  I may also have a brain tumour. 

Back to fairy-ing.  I told my band of merry runners we would come in within a minute under the goal time.  Well, half the pack took off at 29K for a sprint finish, as my expert pacing left them with lots of fuel in the tank at the end.   A good fairy, I resisted the finish line surge and held steady, coming in 30 seconds under the goal time.  Dave was within 10 seconds of his Pace Fairy time, but he is a very experienced bunny fairy.  This was my first time in the ears wings.  I passed the pace bunny test.  Earned my golden carrot (or, in this case, my fairy wand).  Not that I have any evidence of this achievement.  Except the sworn testimony of my followers.  My chip timer did not work and my Garmin attempted suicide during the post race flood, taking my entire run history down with it.  The truth is out there.

p.s. For those who run for the t-shirt, the swag was excellent – a zippy jacket, moon medal, and a Planet Forward stainess steel water bottle waiting at the end. 

Title: The Smiths – Vicar in a Tutu.  1986.


9 responses to “Set my eyes on a blistering sight of a vicar in tutu

  1. Awesome! Great job Pace Fairy! 😀

  2. I think you just put yourself through all that so you could use the Smiths reference – heh, awesome.

    I’m also impressed with the barfing.

  3. Aside from your stomach’s post-race revolt, this sounds like a heck of a fun time. That costume is excelente!

    • It was supplied by the Fairy Director, but I did transform the knee length tutu with an even hem into a shortier jagged-edged wonder. I also added clothes. For the benefit of others.

  4. ahhh, and I am a living sign!

    Nice debut. Let’s do it again some day!

  5. So fun!

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