Under pressure

Photo Source: MNR Race Gallery

I’m doing it.  I’ve wanted to do it for some time.  Husband did it.  His appendix exploded 24 hours later.   Now I’m going to do it.  In costume.  And I have Dave to thank for it. 

I have volunteered to be a pace bunny fairy for the Midsummer Night’s Run.  I won’t say which pace because then my secret identity will be revealed and I’ll never make it anywhere on time, with all that autograph signing slowing me down.  And I need to maintain the sense of anonymity, false as it may be, or I’ll delete my blog they way I periodically delete most of my Facebook account.  

I was going to drop out of the race (undertrained and overheated), but pacing means I won’t feel pressured to “race” and instead I can enjoy the waterfront tour.  And now I can keep up my streak of running this race every year since it began (check out last year’s report).  Win-Win-win. 

Title Reference: Queen – Under Pressure.


8 responses to “Under pressure


    Seriously, can you imagine if you showed up at races every weekend dresses in that? Instant fame! Race directors would pay you to attend their races. You’d be able to casually mention the runshorts site, and you’ll be rich and famous in no time.

    Sure it will be hot and potentially fatal, but after a few races you can just recruit Professional Runner Husband to take over. Who will know?

    Please remember when you’re a celebrity

    • My costume has arrived – no donkey head but I do have a tutu, wings, and a wand. I think I should wear a little something else underneath or I’ll be a “celebrity” of the wrong sort. And possibly I’ll end up in in jail. I can’t make bail until I’m rich and famous.

    • Does this hat make my ass look fat?

  2. Glad to see you keeping your MSNR streak alive. And doing a good service as well. Kudos – you will enjoy it I am sure.

    I am about to head to the expo, and receive my costume, in all of it’s fairytale glory. I promise to play the part in full this year and not abandon my tutu half way as I did last year, nor my wings right off the bat as they did not fit. I will go home tonight and MacGyver the wings to fit properly.

    I have also shaved the growth on my face that accumulated over my holidays as a bearded pace fairy would be – just – weird.

    • I do not promise to finish in my costume. I’m already plotting the abandonment of my wings and my tutu is about to become much, much shorter.

      I’m opting out of the shave, I’m going for the hard-times fairy look.

  3. The question on everyone’s mind: was I a good fairy or a bad fairy? Stay tuned to find out. I’ll get around to posting about it this week.

  4. Wow, excitement is high! Did you make it to the finishline?

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