I like my sugar with coffee and cream

After a long run I’m often found lounging about with my running mates, an over-priced Italian-sized cup of hot chocolate, extra hot, skim milk and light whip in my hand.  My mates lean towards coffee, a substance I do not drink.  As the only person in North America to have never consumed a cup of coffee, let alone an over-priced Italian cup of Americano beans, I am unfamiliar with its effects on the body.  Discussing, as we are apt to do, the humidity-induced PB dream-crushing fatigue someone mentioned that despite being tired, the caffeine left him wired. 

Not one to let an opportunity to rhyme pass me by, I proclaimed him tired and wired, and a new catch phrase was born.  How do you feel after a 30K training run and an infusion of caffeine? 

Tired and wired. 

Title Reference: Beastie Boys – Intergalactic.  1998.


6 responses to “I like my sugar with coffee and cream

  1. Whew. From your title I thought you had gone over to the dark side (dark roast, that is)!

  2. I’ll admit it – I am a coffee addict. I drink one in the morning and sometimes another in the afternoon. I rationalize by telling myself it’s mostly water, so it hydrates (even though I know the caffeine reverses that). *drool*

  3. I’m liking (or rather, disliking) coffee less and less all the time. I guess I should just wean myself off of it, and then not have to worry about taking the time to get it, consume it, pay for it.

    It has always been a Post Long Run staple but I can live without it now.

    My favourite post long run treat is definitely eggs benedict or any form of eggs and toast.

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