Don’t stand so close to me

One thing about Husbands.  They sweat.  A lot.  Especially when they run in iftheweathermansayshumidexonemoretimeiwillcry temperatures.  And it doesn’t always smell pretty.  I now use the poorly named Marathon Scented Deoderant, so I know I’m daisy (I mean “marathon”) fresh, but Husband is reluctant to try my Marathon strength protection.  Instead he smells “manly”.  And tries to hug me after runs.  And I try to squirm away like Penolope Pussycat from Pepe Le Peu.  And in the end I reluctantly give in.  It’s worth it.

Title Reference: The Police – Don’t Stand So Close to Me.  1980.


5 responses to “Don’t stand so close to me

  1. I do not sweat. I perspire…


    And this morning’s HUMIDEX made it well, doubly bad.

    Looking forward to autumn 😉

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