Long haired freaky people need not apply

Signs you need a haircut:

1. Your ponytail hangs low enough on your back to trap your neck sweat, becoming wetter and heavier as the run progresses until you need to stop and wring out your hair.

2.  This may also be a sign that it is too damn hot to run.

3.  No, I probably won’t stop complaining about the weather.

4. Until September.

5. I really hope by September.

Title Reference: Five Man Electrical Band – Signs.  1971.


5 responses to “Long haired freaky people need not apply

  1. love the sign

  2. I just landed in the Land of Much Humidity and am living in a puddle of sweat. I would sympathize with you if I hadn’t just spent the last 3 1/2 miles with that song stuck in my head. (other runners were giving me funny looks when i loudly grunted after the “gotta have a membership card” line …

    • Ahh, that’s where the little ear worm finally went. Thank you.

      I wouldn’t be so much living in a puddle of sweat as I would be surviving and by surviving I mean barely surviving. When the Great Whote North is too hot and humid you know Al Gore must really be on to something with his inconvenient truth.

      p.s. You no longer like margarine?

  3. oh, you know. thinking maybe this one for running and margarine for other stuff. Given my vast audience of three people it matters little.

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