Dogs bark, long days, not dark

It’s finally here.  Victoria Day Weekend, the official kickoff to summer.  Thank you Queen Victoria for the perfectly timed long weekend birthday.  I’m going on a weekend running hiatus, so I present a selection of running blogs to keep you amused until my return.  If your blog didn’t make this list (if you ever read “About Me” you know that I like lists 13 items long and therefore omitted some fabulous wordsmiths) leave a comment so my tens of readers can discover your blogging genius.  [Tip: click the blog name to link to the blog].

Zero to Boston.  He seems to have abandoned his post, but the old entries are worth a visit.  Or two.  

Running is Funny.  Lighten up.  

I Like Margarine.  He’s a fictional character, but he’s based on a true story.  

Sweat Science.  A little geek on the run.  

Working Up a Sweat in Toronto.  She convinced me to drink and run.  

Ron Hill’s Alter Ego.  Marathon gold in 2012 is, and I quote, “in the bag”.  

Chasing the Kenyans.  Motto: make yourself hurt and then push harder.  

Track and Field Superblog.  ABBA impersonator.  

Pen at Peace.  Cupcake baking Ironperson.  

Angry Runner.  The anti-blogger.  

Copia Verborum.   I hope you speak Latin.  Seize the road.  

Cheaper Than Therapy.  A drinker with a running problem.  

The Running Laminator.  Kid doctor, runner, writer.  

You are very welcome.  

Title Reference: Islands – Jogging Gorgeous Summer.


4 responses to “Dogs bark, long days, not dark

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! 😉

  2. haha, thanks for the bloggy love! I’m a big fan of you too. Enjoy your weird Canadian holiday. 😉

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