Every move you make, every breath you take

I am gearing up for the 2010 edition of my Passport to Prana Challenge.  Subtitled Mission Touch My Toes.  Seriously, when did my legs get so long?  Ohm. 

Back in the day, and by day I mean two years ago when I bought my first P2P, it was a sort of city secret.   Word got out and cities across North America joined the movement.  The cheap yoga movement.  I mean the chance to try out new studios movement. 

In Toronto 70 studios are participating.  So for $30 I can visit up to 70 studies one time each.  Except the word Toronto is fairly liberally applied and some of those 70 studios are in far-flung suburbs filled with scary minivans and ticky tacky houses, but nearly 40 are in the 416 Toronto.  In 2008 I went to 17 studies ($1.75 per class).  In 2009 15 studios ($2 per class).  In 2010 my aim is to visit 22 studios ($1.30 per class).  A typical yoga class in this over-priced city ranges from $15-20.  I can’t spend $20 to lay in the floor in corpse pose.  I can do that at home for free.  I don’t.  But I could.

 So <$2 is a bargain.  I seldom leave a Starbucks without spending more than $2.  That’s why I go to Tim Horton’s for my $1.70 large tea.  Except I also get a cookie because I am powerless against chocolate and my tab runs closer to $3.00.  So for less than the cost of a cup of Tim Horton’s tea and addictive cookie I can down dog and up dog for 60 to 90 minutes.  

I’m starting my mission much earlier this year (spring instead of fall), so my 22 class goal is reasonable.  Perhaps under-ambitious.  It’s all part of my low expectations strategy.  At a rate of three studios per month this passport will take me through to the fall marathon season, hopefully with a healthy hamstring and a bendier lower back. 

The list of P2P cities, for any readers interested in joining me in this challenge:

San Francisco
New York

Coming Soon …
Los Angeles
San Diego

Title Reference:  The Police – Every Breath You Take. 1983.


4 responses to “Every move you make, every breath you take

  1. I’ll be joining you in that this year, did P2P last year for the first time and I think we hit about 20 studios. Great program…and so cheap!

    • I have to eliminate those Moksha classes that I read you love (p.s. just realized you recently blogged about the P2P) from my list of options. I can’t got to any class in which the temperature is “too damn hot”. Bikram makes me want to throw-up.

  2. Yay for P2P and I’ll be siging up again this year. I loved it last year and made it to about 15 studios. I do feel a tad guilty for being cheap. I think the $15-20 range is overpriced and I’m not willing to pay in-advance for a 20-class pass which would bring the price down to $10-$15. Off P2P season, doing yoga at home with free podcasts is almost as good. So, P2P is perfect for me… but I still feel guilty (but not guilty enough 🙂

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