Once, twice, three times a lady

I recently announced that the Around the Bay 30K was my spring training kickoff kick-in-the-ass.  Did it work?  Well, no in that I ran a course PB (but not a distance PB), thus reinforcing my lackadaisical approach to training.  It’s reminiscent of my all-night study sessions in undergrad.  If there are no consequences how will I ever learn?  But yes in that I ran a course PB and now I know that if I had trained properly all winter I may have been poised for a marathon PB in a few weeks, but 30K is not 42.2K and I’m not delusional and now I regret my mid-life crisis laziness.  And yes in that I now have not one, not two, but three shiny ATB silver medals and more evidence that I am stuck in a pace rut from which I want to break free.  So, two yeses minus one no = one successful kickoff kick-in-the-ass. 

Title Reference: The Commodores – Three Times a Lady.  1978.


5 responses to “Once, twice, three times a lady

  1. I’m so mad that I missed out on that adorable pink shirt!! And I will curse under my breath every time I see one out on the road. Grrrr.

  2. but what if they run out of gold medals the year you break out of the silver rut; there is a chance the statisticians on staff at ATB may be off in their probability calculations when ordering medals for next year, so play it safe and don’t rock the boat

    • So I need to be really fast and beat all the other gold medalists thus ensuring my own piece of hardware. Or I could play it safe and not rock the boat. The latter would be easier. The latter it is.

  3. For us mere mortal bronze-persons, this is a conundrum we would love to be able to wrestle with!

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