They took all the trees and put ’em in a tree museum

As a proud Facebook Fan of The Earth it should come as no surprise that I participated in Earth Hour on Saturday March 27 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.  The precise hour during which I planned  to pack my race kit for the Sunday ATB 30K (truth: I procrastinated packing and forgot about Earth Hour until TV reminded me that the CN tower was about to go dark). 

There is something romantic about packing a race kit by candlelight.  There is also something chancy about it, as in you are taking a chance on packing mismatched socks.  Or two left gloves.   It is definitely not the time to try to find an old mylar blankets in the depths of a storage box whilst trying not to ignite my FuelBelt with a tipsy candle.  As muddle-headed as I am the morning of a race I am reliant on sensible night before packing.  I grab my bag while half asleep and Husband leads me to the car.  The morning is not the time for me to match socks or remember something I forgot or find something I accidently put in the wrong bag while under 60-minute cover of darkness.  Morning is the time to coax banana bread down my throat and mindlessly layer clothing on my weary body and fret about the weather. 

My arrival at the race start had an adventurous feel as I reached into my race bag to see which treasures were packed within.  To my great relief I was well supplied and arrived at the start line reasonably attired with all my crucial bits and pieces in place.  I did put my pants on backwards after the run (to clarify: I’m referring to my post-run pants, I put on pants -capris technically- prior to the run), but I suppose I can’t blame that one on the self-imposed blackout. 

Title Reference: Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi.  1970.


5 responses to “They took all the trees and put ’em in a tree museum

  1. Runners rule #874: As long as you come close to puking at the end of a race (or were putting on black pants in a dark area), putting on post-run pants backwards is permitted.

    • I didn’t puke, my pants were green, and it was a well lit (and very public) area. What’s Runner’s Excuse #875?

      • Runners rule #875: If rule #874 is not applicable, putting on post-run pants backwards is permitted if runner was in a rush to put on post-run pants as runner was changing out of running shorts and was not wearing any underwear.

  2. Pack your bag the night before? Smart. If I had done that I wouldn’t have been so panicked when I slept through my alarm and woke up, by chance, one hour before the start of a race that started one hour away from where I was sleeping. I had only enough time to grab my running shoes and a sports bra (if you saw someone running in pajamas, it was me). Usually I prefer to be much more relaxed on race mornings, but I have to say, I think the adrenaline really did help my pace. Maybe disorganization will be my new strategy.

    • I’m totally thinking about that Seinfeld episode …

      A sports bra trumps fancy tights any day. Good call. I know someone who wore two different shoes, yes shoes, in a race such was their state of hurry the morning of the race. I didn’t see you clad in PJs, but I was in my own trance-like state despite the advance preparation.

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