I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me

I have a liberal definition of exercise.  For example, if I watch a TV show and people talk about running that counts as running.  I get in a great workout watching The Biggest Loser.  It’s part of my mental training, which, if the experts are to be believed, is 90% of the marathon.   

Last night I was watching Dead Like Me reruns and Daisy Adair says:

I never rush.
If I see someone running, I just assume they’re a loser.

Mason interjects, 

Unless they’re a runner.

Daisy retorts –

Yeah, even then.
Especially then.

Workout complete.


Title Reference:  Beck – Loser.  From the album Mellow Gold. 1993.


3 responses to “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me

  1. i liike it! but do you deduct commercials from training time? kind of like waiting for the light to change? (yes, you’re supposed to wait for the light to change.)

    tip for ultrarunners doing long-distance training: the U.S. news show “Meet the Press” is the longest running show ever.

  2. Hahah!! Awesome 🙂

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