I don’t want your photograph

My inbox is overflowing with last chance notifications from Action Sports and Brightroom.  New for the festive season, my race mugshot surrounded by holiday lights, snow, and garland.  Buy now or lose your horrifyingly ugly race photo forever (your as in my, I’m not passing judgment on your ugly photo).   A dramatic last chance sale loses effectiveness when it is the 27th last chance to buy.  The photographers start sending last chance threats about two weeks after the race and at four week intervals until you change your email address.  Having run too many races in 2009 I receive a last chance notification at a frequency of once a week.  These marketers need a business 101 refresher.  For three points, define “last chance sale”.  Bonus mark if you include a real-world example.

Title Reference: Def Leppard – Photograph.  From the album Pyromania.  1983.


6 responses to “I don’t want your photograph

  1. I found that so entertaining! I just recieved my “Order your finish shot for Thanksgiving!” email. Like I want THAT pic of me as my centerpiece? No thank-you! And yes, all my running pictures are horrifying! I personally wish these companies woudln’t be taking them every 4 miles. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Mrs and I had a laugh about this yesterday and we’ve always had a good chuckle over the last chance offers with deals that are really, not much better than the original exorbitant prices for an ugly mugly.

    I guarantee you, if you wanted to dish out $49.99 for an 8×11 from a marathon 3 years ago, long after your “last chance email notifications, sorry about your luck etc” they would gladly dip into the vault of horror to satisfy your oh so tardy request.

    Don’t forget to smile next time 🙂

  3. If I had to look at my race photo on my coffee cup everyday….I’d be forced to give up caffeine. Hideous!

  4. This email from marathonphoto this morning…

    Your Order Deadline Has Been Extended

    So nice of them

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