Run for your life little girl

Deep in post marathon(s) sloth I had but one mission.  To indulge in a lazy weekend:  sleeping in, eating bonbons, and watching Saturday morning cartoons.  One problem.  What happened to Saturday morning cartoons?   My options seemed limited to 27 slightly different versions of Scooby Doo.  I survived, thanks to my Animaniacs DVDs.  Close one.

In an effort to feel young again I started youtubing (yes, I turn nouns into verbs) childhood favourites.  How I managed to watch so many shows with only three channels is a mystery.  I’m very determined.  Captain Caveman.  The Ewoks.  Inspector Gadget.  Astroboy.  Jem.  Gummi Bears.  The Smurfs.  Alvin and The Chipmunks.  Beetlejuice.  The Real Ghostbusters.  The Smoggies.  Tiny Toon Adventures.  Post-race nostalgia is the best medicine. 

But even I have a retro cartoon limit.  A very high limit, but one nonetheless.  Growing bored I youtubed “cartoons + running” and discovered (i) in the 60s there was a cartoon series based on The Beatles that, unlike every other show from the 60s, never seemed to make it to the nonstop rerun circuit and (ii) each episode centred around a hit song, including one based on Run for Your Life.  The song-skit intergration is a bit of a stretch, but this is a blog about running and I’m not running much this week …. so you’re stuck with a video.   I learned this trick from my 4th grade teacher.  She would show a video on Hangover Monday.  The Beatles clip doesn’t compare to The Sweater, but the dialogue is cartoon classic:  The peasants are revolting. You are not so hot yourself.  But enough of politics.  Without further ado …

Reference:  The Beatles TV Series.  I’m Down/Run For Your Life.  Episode 29.  1966.

Title Reference:  The Beatles – Run For Your Life.  From the album Rubber Soul.  1965.


5 responses to “Run for your life little girl

  1. We’re tiny, we’re toony, we’re all a little looney.

    So glad my youngest watches TSN in lieu of cartoons. Though I miss the days of Snagglepuss et co I can no longer take cartoons. Especially new ones.

  2. Oh, those Beatles! What hijinks will they get into next?

    I credit 60s/70s children’s programming with keeping me off drugs later in life. Who needs hallucinogens when you grew up on HR Puf’n’Stuf?

  3. Wow. Thank you that, even though I’m kind of boggled. That concept may be even weirder than this one:

    I’m not sure what the concept is. The Osmonds fly all over the world and tell girls they love them? Or don’t they?

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