Band on the Run: Double, bubble, toil and trouble.

Nevermind the angry songs, sometimes all I need to hustle my bustle is a good old fashioned scarin’.  Notch up the fear factor on All Hallows’ Eve run with these spine-tingling running tunes.  Boo.

Running With the Devil – Van Halen.  This song is worthy of pulling out the word apropos.  Devil + running = Halloween Running Playlist.  I’m living at a pace that kills.  I found the simple life, ain’t so simple, when I jumped out on that road.

Superstition – Stevie Wonder.  I’m not superstitious, I’m just a little bit stitious.   That’s why I never wash my race singlet.

Welcome to my Nightmare – Alice Cooper.  Welcome to my breakdown.  I call it The Bridge.

Nightmare on my Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince.  Runner don’t fear Elm Street Freddy, they worry about the actual street.  Will it be windy/sunny/busy/hilly?  Some days the road rises up to meet you, other days it drags you down, down, down.  

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett.  Do the Mash.  The Monster Mash.  Then send me the video for viewing.  It’s good cross-training, I promise.

People are Strange  – The Doors.  Next race take a look around.  People are strange.  Especially the ones running in costume.  Best song line: Streets are uneven when you’re down.

Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson.  Before a big run the experts say you need a good night’s rest.  Who am I to disagree? 

Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band.  This song is infectious.  Wash your hands frequently.  I heat up.  I can’t cool down.  My situation goes round and round.

Werewolves of London – Werran Zevon.   He’s the hairy, hairy gent, who ran amok in Kent.  Amok is fun to say.  Amok amok amok.

Devil’s In My Car – B52s.  It’s driving, not running, but it’s fast.  We’re goin’ 90 miles an hour. 

Bad Moon Rising – CCR.  I see bad times today.  When you see that bad moon a rising, when troubles on the way, stay in bed.  You can run tomorrow.

The Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show.  It’s astounding, time is fleeting.  Madness takes its toll.  But listen closely, not for very much longer.  I’ve got to keep control.  Just a step to the left.

Highway to Hell – ACDC.  No stop signs, speed limit.  Nobody’s gonna slow me down.

Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult.  No more obsessing about the weather.  Seasons don’t fear the reaper.  Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain … we can be like they are.   Don’t fear the Reaper.

Ghost Riders in the Sky – Johnny Cash.  A zillion people have recorded this song, but with varying degrees of success.  Go with Cash.  Their faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their shirts all soaked with sweat. 

Bat Out of Hell –Meat Loaf.  The good news, if you like this song it’s 27 minutes long.  The bad news, it’s 27 minutes long.  Fine, feels like 27 minutes.  Like a bat out of hell he’ll be gone gone gone.  Tearing up the road.  Faster than any other boy has ever gone gone gone gone. 

Thriller – Michael Jackson.  I see dead people.  Don’t know what I mean?  Read this.


One response to “Band on the Run: Double, bubble, toil and trouble.

  1. Scary thing is, my iPod holds 11/17 of those.

    I wonder if any one person’s holds all 17?

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