I want a new duck

Sniff.  Quackers lost.  The Prefontaine of the duck dash, she swims a race to see who is fastest, to see who has the most guts.  According to eye witnesses she swam her little guts out (I, alas, had obligations elsewhere and could not watch the big event live – forgive me #2758), but on the big day her best just wasn’t fast enough.  Still, there is no shame in losing when you gave it your all.  Quackers was strong down the falls and through the rapids, in the lead gaggle of ducks (Collective Nouns for Birds tells me this should be a raft or a paddling of ducks, not a gaggle, but I thought gaggle was more recognizable and I didn’t want people to actually think Quackers rafted though the race), but was out-kicked in the final straightaway.  This web-footed wonder is taking a wee break from the training grind, but she’ll be back in 2010 to win the gold.  As Pre once said, “to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  Duck #2758 has the gift.  You haven’t seen the last of her, no sir.


Title Reference:  Weird Al Yankovic – I Want a New Duck.  From the album Dare to be Stupid.  1985.


One response to “I want a new duck

  1. Where’s the post-race run down?

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