Running in Heels

I wear high heeled shoes about five times a year.  Three weddings and a funeral and the occasional hot date with Husband.   Given my lack of practice, the act of wearing heels is (i) entertaining in a Bambi learning to walk kind of way and (ii) potentially lethal in a toppling into traffic kind of way.  And by “heels” I mean anything higher than flat and lower than 2 inches.   I have never in my life worn footwear that would be described as stiletto.  Which makes my consideration of a race billed as Canada’s first ever Stiletto Sprint all the more absurd.  I’m not drawn in by the prize money ($10,000) or the advertised fame and glory (which, as far as I can tell, amounts to a clip on Breakfast Television), but to the novelty.   I haven’t attempted a 100 metre sprint since grade school and back then I’m rather certain my performance could best be described as Dead Last.  I’ve discussed my lack of fast twitch muscles at length.  Lest the green-eyed monster rear it’s ugly head, men you can compete for $1000 in prize money of your own.   With 215 women and only 50 men perhaps I should encourage Husband to run with me.   If we weren’t two of the clumbsiest runners in the city I’d go for it; but two broken ankles four weeks before marathon madness is not part of the race plan. 

Shoe requirements and restrictions for both men and women are as follows: minimum heel height of three (3) inches, with a maximum heel circumference of three (3) inches; no wedges; no shoes that slip on (for example a mule or a clog or something similar); shoes must either have a solid back or a strap or something similar; no part of the shoe can extend above the ankle; no boots or booties; no taping or otherwise adhering shoes to your feet; shoe can not be modified or altered from its original and intended design in any way. Shoes will be checked by race officials at the time of registration on the morning of the Race and are subject to rejection at the officials’ sole discretion.  In order to successfully complete the Race, participants must cross the finish line with at least one heel intact.

100 metres in 3-inch spikes.   Are you up (and I do mean up) for the challenge?

(click the pic for more info on the Stiletto Sprint)


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