I’m walking into spiderwebs

Yesterday was a blustery day for a trail run.  With every wind gust tree debris rained down on my head.   After my run, as I stepped into the elevator to take the long ride up to my home (fine, just a few floors but I am an exceptionally lazy runner), I caught a glimpse of myself in the elevator mirrors.  For reasons of self-esteem protection I usually avoid looking in mirrors post-run, but unusual movement from the top of my head caught my eye.  More specifically, fluorescent fluttering from the top of my head caught the light, which caught my eye.  There, perched atop my noggin, sat a glowing green spider.  I know it was a spider because of the tell-tale eight legs and evil look on her menacing face.  I presume it landed on me during one of those aforementioned tree dumpings.   I calmly, fine frantically, swatted at the spider but it held tight.  Sometimes I think it would be fun to be our security guard watching the elevator-cam.  My attack grew more vigorous until finally the spider released it’s steely grip and fell to the floor.  My survival instincts kicked in before my compassion and I squashed the spider into an eerie green mess.  I regret my killing spree; but I also regret that I destroyed the specimen, rendering it useless in identification.  My arachnid knowledge is limited and consequently fluorescent green spiders hanging around an urban centre incite paranoia.  I see fluorescent green spider and I think imported tropical killer spider.   Googling “green killer spider” is not a good way to calm my fears.  I will not soon forget some of those images.  This photo from Garden Safari best captures the look of spider that joined me for my run:

Green crab spiders hide in vegetation and ambush unsuspecting prey out for an evening run.   Although their venomous bite is not toxic to humans, the site of one on your head may lead to feelings of unease and panic.


Title Reference:  No Doubt – Spiderwebs.  From the album Tragic Kingdom.  1995.


5 responses to “I’m walking into spiderwebs

  1. Ick, I don’t like spiders. But that one is kinda cute.

  2. Even though the spider is kinda cute, I would have freak out if I found it in my hair.

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