All atwitter

My twitter page has been buzzing with news of Britain’s first “twinjury”: taking multitasking to a ridiculous new level, 23 year old James Coleman tweeted as he twan, I mean ran, three miles to work.  His experience is an important cautionary tale about the perils of running in this modern world.  Head buried in his Blackberry, giving an on-the-run life update to his followers, Coleman ran smack into a low hanging branch.  The impact knocked him to the pavement and left him with a black swollen eye shaped badge of embarrassment.  His sense of humour remained intact: I guess you could say I feel a right Twit.  According to his tweets he “forgot how tall I am”.   Lest his fans worry too much, later that day he posted an update and some hard-earned words of wisdom (in 140 characters or less):  Got to work, changed and sat at desk.  Low lying branch twittering is unadvised.  Best get on with some work.  

That’s all he twote.


One response to “All atwitter

  1. I read that story, hilarious. I have read some tweets from people who are racing, but I have no clue why or how they do it.

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