A psychedelic LSD run

A Nike sponsored short with nary a running shoe in sight.  They are really taking this run supernatural campaign seriously. 

Although I jest about the double meaning of LSD (runner speak for long slow distance), this potato-headed man’s run is a real trip.  His idyllic jaunt, punctuated with relatable moments of discomfort, captures all that running can be.  In the words of James Jarvis (the director), “The film was inspired by certain personal experiences in running – a favourite run over Blanchland moor in Northumberland, being attacked by a crow in Singapore – and also by the transcendent, almost psychedelic experience of the simple act of running.  Rather than a marketing project initiated by Nike, the film was something proposed and produced by myself, and as such I hope represents a much more equal collaboration with a brand.”  This is running at its simplest.  At its purest.  


Nike Presents Onwards – Directed by James Jarvis


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