The Magic Stick


You’d be surprised at how much joy a little plastic stick can bring.  It works magic on tight sore muscles.  Which is why I call it My Magic Stick.  That is, I used to call it My Magic Stick.  Then I realized people were getting a very wrong impression of me and my love of the “magic stick”.  So I dropped the magic.  Much as I love The Stick, I’ve neglected it for several months.  Mostly due to laziness and a little bit of didn’t-need-it-ness.  But mostly laziness.  Which is ridiculous, because the stick pretty much does the work for you.  Alas, there are few limits as to how lazy I can be.   Recently I liberated it from closet banishment, dusted it off, and reintroduced it to my muscles.  I’m trying to roll out the aches and pains that seem to creep up on me as my training cycle ends.  That’s about as technical as it gets with the stick – rolling the muscles.  Like I said, lazy.  Before I bought The Stick I used my trusty rolling pin.  Same premise, but a little higher on the awkward scale.  And much higher on the pain scale.  Unfortunately my rolling pin was no match for my tight muscles and it dramatically snapped apart somewhere in the vicinity of my IT band.  Enter The Magic Stick.  New (or new again, like me) users beware, there is a little bit of masochism involved.  Rolling muscles is surprisingly painful, but in an awesome way.


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