Gels and Beans and Sharkies! Oh my!

I’m not one for eating on the run.  I can eat a massive amount of food right before running, but once the legs start moving my stomach rejects all input.  However, as I seldom (happily) go more than two hours without eating I definitely need to eat on an endurance run.  Last year I experimented (on myself, N=1) to try and find the perfect on the go food.  Perfect for me that is.  During each long run I test-ran a different food/laboratory-created food substitute – everything from dried fruit to chocolate to pretzels to so-called sport food.  If someone presented it to me as a possibility, within palatable reason, I tried it. 

Eventually I settled on Sport Beans – lemon-lime, to match my Gatorade.  Small and easy to digest, I liked eating just a few at a time (rather than trying to guzzle an entire gel package).  Best of all I stay blessedly free of anything resembling gastrointestinal distress (yes, it sounds as awful as it feels).  Relieved to find something that works, I stayed loyal to my lemon-lime sport beans.  Hundreds (thousands?) of sport beans later I need a change.  Even writing about beans is making me queasy.  My aversion to sport beans has generalized to thoughts about the beans, never mind my reluctance to actually eating one.  Last weekend I almost cracked a tooth on a frozen sport bean (not the bean’s fault, but I took it as a sign).  I have overdosed on sport beans.  So, I’m going to do it.  This weekend during my 32K run I’m going to …… wait for it ….. eat something other than sport beans.  I’m bring TP, just in case.

Title Reference: Adapted from the movie The Wizard of Oz (Lions and Tigers and Bears. Oh My!). 1939.


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